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Nepal earthquake: our Animal Rescue Team is on the ground

Posted by act 4 animals on April 30, 2015 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (24)
Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, BREAKING: The HSI Animal Rescue Team is on the ground right now in Kathmandu, Nepal, in the wake of the devastating earthquake. Thousands of animals have been affected, alongside their human companions. Family pets, street dogs and livestock have been killed, injured, lost or abandoned. We anticipate continued animal suffering from starvation, dehydration, and exposure in the coming weeks. Abandoned wet street dog in Nepal. Marc Bruxelle/Alamy Our team is prepared with emergency veterinary supplies, vaccinations, and surgical equipment, to assist local animal welfare groups in the affected areas. With your support, HSI is providing veterinary assistance, shelter for lost and abandoned animals, and vaccinations for dogs and farm animals to prevent disease outbreaks. We are doing everything to make sure we reach as many animals as possible. An image from our team on the ground in Nepal. HSI. Please make an emergency gift to our International Disaster Relief Fund so we can help those affected in Nepal right now and when future disasters occur. I�??ll be sure to keep you updated on our response in Nepal. Thank you so much for helping animals. Sincerely, Andrew Rowan President & CEO Humane Society International

Did you have a chance to see this message from yesterday?

Posted by act 4 animals on January 19, 2015 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment,


It's the second full week of January and already your support is helping animals in desperate need. This time you've brought us to Cottonwood, Alabama, to rescue approximately 60 dogs from a suspected hog-dog fighting breeding ground.


Hog-dog fighting is what it sounds like. Dogs are bred and trained to tear apart screaming, trapped, terrified hogs while spectators -- who place bets on the outcome -- cheer.


But this is why your Animal Rescue Team is here -- to save animals from unimaginably cruel and life-threatening situations. If you can, please give your emergency gift to help care for these dogs and others like them.

Animal Rescue Team


Our team was alerted to this alleged operation and we immediately began investigating. When the dogs' conditions were discovered to be worse than expected, and with temperatures rapidly dropping, we had to act fast.

Animal Rescue Team


Many of the dogs here are severely emaciated -- some with nothing more than a plastic barrel for shelter.

Animal Rescue Team

Animal Rescue Team


In 2005, we helped to pass a law to crack down on hog-dog fighting in Alabama, and it could be that it will provide grounds for additional charges in this case. Fortunately, these 60 dogs won't have to live a horrible life of fighting.


It is likely that most of the dogs will need months of round-the-clock medical attention and rehabilitation. Please help us give a second chance to these and the hundreds of animals in our care.


Thank you for helping ensure that we will never turn our backs on animals in need with your past, present and future support.




Chris Schindler

Manager, Animal Fighting Investigations

The Humane Society of the United States



Caught on Tape: Screaming Dogs SKINNED for Leather

Posted by Lee Rankin on December 18, 2014 at 7:10 AM Comments comments (0)
In China�??where killing dogs for leather is perfectly legal�??terrified dogs suffer, trapped in cages and forced to wait in line to have their heads bashed in and to be skinned. You won't believe what happens next: The only way to stop dogs from being killed for leather is to kill the leather industry. Here�??s how. Until every cage is empty,

Keep Black Bears Out of the Crosshairs

Posted by act 4 animals on November 10, 2014 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)
Keep Black Bears Out of the Crosshairs Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, Once forced to the brink of extinction, the Florida black bear, a rare subspecies, is finally beginning to recover. But since much of its former habitat has been lost, the bears are often drawn to residential areas with unsecured garbage. In response to recent human-bear incidents, lawmakers have asked wildlife officials to reopen hunting on the majestic Florida black bear. This "solution" would not solve any conflicts and would only appease a small minority of trophy hunters. Please tell the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Gov. Scott to maintain protections for bears» Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO

It's about wolves

Posted by act 4 animals on September 3, 2014 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)
Wolves Under Attack Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, There is an all out war on our nation's wolves -- and in Michigan, they just took another hit. Last week, in a charade of a vote, the Michigan House passed the unconstitutional "Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act" -- a misleadingly named bill that will allow a group of seven political appointees to open up a hunting season on wolves or any other protected species in the state without citizens having any say whatsoever. This is a direct attack on citizen lawmaking and another big blow to Michigan's fragile wolf population. Can you make a donation today to Keep Michigan Wolves Protected and help us keep up the fight to protect our nation's wolves? This is the third time in two years that Michigan lawmakers have voted to authorize a hunting season on Michigan's small wolf population. It's a slap in the face to the nearly half a million Michiganders who signed petitions to put two referendums on the ballot, and to all Michigan voters who are being told by the politicians that their votes shouldn't count when it comes to what animals are hunted. But we are far from backing down to these politicians. Our coalition partners at Keep Michigan Wolves Protected plan to challenge the "Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act" in court, and we are confident that Michigan courts will reject this unconstitutional Act and instead respect the voice of the people. And if citizens successfully vote down the two referendums in November, we will block a hunting season this fall and stop dozens or perhaps even hundreds of wolves from being pointlessly killed by trophy hunters. Now more than ever, we need your help to fund this fight for wolves. Please help us spare the lives of dozens of wolves in this year's hunt -- and countless more wolves in the years to come -- by making a donation to Keep Michigan Wolves Protected today. Just 50 years ago, these beautiful, highly intelligent animals were pushed to the brink of extinction by the very same cruel and unsporting practices that are threatening them today. We can't let this happen again. Please help us win this war for our nation's wolves -- make a donation today. Thank you for all you do for animals. Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO The Humane Society of the United States

Snake torture stopped!

Posted by act 4 animals on September 2, 2014 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (0)
Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, I hope all is well with you. Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful supporters, last month Animal Rahat was able to offer crucial veterinary care to 366 bullocks, 136 donkeys, 28 horses, and 732 other animals, including this extremely handsome elephant. This is dear Ram Prasad, one of the "temple elephants" whose living conditions we have worked for years to improve, despite totally unreceptive temple administrators who couldn't care less about his welfare. We have been pressuring the temple hard to let us at least help build Ram Prasad a corral so that he can move around instead of standing chained in his concrete stall all day and night. Ironically, during Animal Rahat's recent visit to check on Ram Prasad's abscesses, his mahout (handler)�??who in previous years has resisted the idea of the corral�??expressed an urgent desire for the enclosure to be built because Ram Prasad is soon due to go into musth (a hormonal cycle during which male elephants become aggressive out of desperation to mate). The mahout said that the temple authorities are now ready to green-light the corral, so we're doing everything we can to get the ball rolling again. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel. The other good news is that for the first time since we started treating him, Ram Prasad has no wounds and was assessed by our veterinarians as being in excellent health�??a veritable miracle given the condition in which we found him all those years ago. After all the guidance and prodding from Animal Rahat, it's no longer just the statues of elephants at this temple that are getting taken care of. Now, Ram Prasad's caretakers are finally giving him high-quality food, trying to prevent injuries to his skin and feet, and taking him on regular walks. Hallelujah! This 22-year-old bullock with the red horns is named Sonya. This is the third "Sonya" we've welcomed to our Home for Retired Bullocks over the years. He was spotted by one of our scouts pulling a cart loaded with 2 tons of iron rods. Animal Rahat had warned his owner twice in the past that Sonya was too old and frail to work, so this time our scout said, "Either you surrender Sonya to us, or we'll file a police report." And now he's with us forever! Sonya is finally getting medical care for his aching limbs and enjoying nutritious food, and at last he is free of the nose rope that had been making every turn of his head since he was a calf painful. We also persuaded another owner to retire his elderly bullock and to keep the animal at his hut in the village of Hipale. This owner was at first extremely reluctant to remove the bullock's nose rope for fear that he would no longer be able to control the animal. So Animal Rahat staffers explained that grooming would be a wonderful way to increase his bullock's trust in him, which would make handling easier, and they gave him a lesson in grooming (shown above). It worked! The retired bullock now enjoys regular grooming sessions and is finally free of his painful nose rope. A particularly sad case involved this cow (below) who was burned after someone likely decided to punish her by throwing acid on her�??as often happens to wandering cattle and "street dogs" in India�??as she tried to snatch food from a stall. Hungry cows and other animals don't understand that when people lay food out, they can't take it. We provided her with emergency medical care, and she's now recovering at the home of a volunteer. This is the third cow in the past few months who has endured this torment in that one particular village alone, so Animal Rahat worked with local villagers to file a police report, generate media coverage, and urge people to be on the lookout for the person doing this so that we can get the perpetrator charged with cruelty. Nag Panchami is a religious holiday in which people "worship" cobras in the hope of gaining protection from them during the rainy season. Regrettably, this means that cobras are captured in bags in which many suffocate, kept in tiny boxes, and starved so that they will be more likely to drink the milk�??something they can't digest�??that is forced into them during rituals. Their teeth are violently yanked out with pliers, and many snakes' mouths are painfully and crudely sewn shut before the animals are carted into cities by snake charmers. Also, the snakes' venom ducts are often pierced with a hot needle, which causes them to burst. In the weeks leading up to Nag Panchami, Animal Rahat hired actors (shown above) to stage street plays urging people to revere snakes and not harm them. We also worked with other local animal advocates to give talks at schools and persuaded the Forest Department to print posters and fliers warning the public against harming snakes. Also, just before Nag Panchami, the Bombay High Court issued an order against capturing snakes during the festival. As a result, for the first time ever, our scouts did not see any live snakes displayed at the Nag Panchami festivals in Sangli, and they saw people using snake statues instead. What a breakthrough! Speaking of snakes, among the many animals rescued last month by Animal Rahat was this trinket snake. After noticing that some teenage boys were throwing rocks into a water tank, one of our scouts went over to see what was going on and discovered that the boys were trying to kill a snake inside. Our scout immediately got the boys to stop and called our expert snake handler, who quickly arrived on the scene and transported the snake to a safe spot for release. This pond heron was also a beneficiary of Animal Rahat's vigilance. One of our scouts saw that the bird had been caught by a poacher. Our scout seized the heron, warned the man against catching birds in the future, checked to make sure there were no injuries, and released the bird so that she could fly away. This dog had been suffering for an unknown length of time with a rope embedded in his neck. The Animal Rahat team was able to catch him, remove the rope, treat his wound, and provide him with follow-up care at the home of a volunteer. We are happy to report that he has now fully recovered and has been adopted by the volunteer. For these animals and so many more, Animal Rahat's intervention has meant the difference between life and death. We're still working hard to obtain permission from government bureaucrats to get a plot of land for our new sanctuary, and we'll let you know about any progress made on that front. Thank you for being a valued part of this vital and successful effort! Kind regards, Ingrid Newkirk Founder P.S. Please make a gift to Animal Rahat today so that we can facilitate the retirement of more bullocks, continue to make community festivals and traditions more animal-friendly, and save more animals�?? lives. Thank you!

leather is f*cking gross.

Posted by act 4 animals on August 11, 2014 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)
http://www2.peta.org/site/R?i=wDewkJi5uDnw4mRrkKtdPA Learn why wearing skins is the skeeviest thing you could do, then spread the word and help cows ??? and pigs ??? and dogs (oh, my!) keep their skins! Sincerely, Lee Rankin President of Animals for the Care of Treatment

SeaWorld is going DOWN!

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With screaming crowds, perpetual burning sunlight, and tiny barren concrete boxes, SeaWorld is basically designed to be the WORST place on Earth for orcas. And our naturally sound-sensitive, deep-diving, far-swimming friend Tilly is TRAPPED indefinitely. "Shamu" (Tilikum) | Milan Boers | CC BY-SA 2.0 Tilly needs YOUR help to escape the prison where he's been stuck for more than 30 years. Discover a new way to get people asking YOU about Tilly. Got a marker? Then you're only minutes away from getting 1,500 points! Sincerely, Ingrid Newkirk

Her leg

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Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, We found her with a serious leg injury. When I first saw this little girl, I wanted to give her the biggest hug. We named her Sasha. She's an absolute sweetheart, and I'm in love with her! Your gift today helps us rescue more animals like Sasha. After we removed her from the property, we took her to a specialist to determine the best treatment. The good news is that she's finally receiving the care she needs. The bad news is that her leg will very likely have to be amputated. We're still here in Mississippi, caring for the 65 dogs we rescued from deplorable conditions on Monday. Please consider donating to your Animal Rescue Team today -- it can do so much. For starters, it sends a fully-equipped response team to remove animals from situations where they are suffering. There's more. Your generous gift today also provides care for animals from cruelty cases even after their rescue. We work with amazing and dedicated veterinarians, volunteers, and rescue and shelter partners across the country to get the animals healthy and on a path to their new homes. Whether it's 60 or 600 animals, you can bet we'll do everything in our power -- before, during, and after -- to help. The world is full of animal abusers, and the need for rescue is constant. Let's keep finding solutions together. Your Animal Rescue Team is part of a solution. I guarantee it, because I'm here and I live it. But I could really use your help today. Lee, you are the cornerstone of our team. I hope you see that without you our work to save animals is not possible. Thank you so much for your sincere compassion and support. Please donate today to keep the rescues coming. Ashley Mauceri Manager, Cruelty Response The Humane Society of the United States

Elephant friends take a refreshing dip

Posted by act 4 animals on August 5, 2014 at 7:25 AM Comments comments (0)
Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, I hope all is well with you. You won't want to miss any of the highlights in this report! It's wonderful that so many animals benefited from Animal Rahat's work over the past month. This handsome bullock, old Gabru�??who was the very first bullock saved by Animal Rahat from pulling an oil tank through the streets of Mumbai�??is wearing a colorfulgarland in celebration of the recent Bendur holiday (also known as Bail Pola). Celebrated in rural communities, the festival is intended to be a time for owners to show appreciation for the bullocks upon whose backs they eke out a living. And even though the animals at Animal Rahat's home for retired bullocks are no longer working, they were honored for their former hardships with special treats, including sugar balls. This is especially meaningful for the bullocks who used to pull sugarcane carts, as they always wanted to eat the sweet cane but were never allowed to touch it. Local villagers celebrate Bendur by decorating their bullocks' bodies with colored powder (which is often toxic), painting their horns (and sometimes rasping them, which can expose the nerves and cause extreme pain), and then parading them through the streets. So each year, our veterinarians go to the local festivals and convince as many owners as possible to pledge not to rasp their bullocks' horns or decorate them with chemical powders or paint (which can cause horn cancer). Animal Rahat provides free brightly colored tape to wrap around the bullocks' horns instead of paint as well as a safe powder that doesn't irritate their skin. Of the many animals rescued by Animal Rahat last month, this puppy was perhaps in the most dire situation. He had fallen down a bore well, which as you can see, was far too narrow for a person to descend. So an Animal Rahat staffer fashioned a lasso and lowered it down the well. After 90 minutes of painstaking attempts, he successfully caught one of the puppy's legs and ever so gently pulled him to safety. The staffer located the puppy's mother and siblings, and�??after having one of our veterinarians check to make sure the puppy hadn't sustained any injuries�??returned him to his family, who was overjoyed to welcome him back home. Afterward, the Animal Rahat team persuaded the villagers to seal the well by filling it with sand and stones and covering it with tile slabs. We also rescued this Indian spectacled cobra, who had taken refuge from the monsoon rains on a villager's property and was being stalked by two mongooses. From now on, if you're having a stressful day, you can remind yourself that at least you aren't holding a cobra by the tail�??or on the ground trying to remain calm enough to take a photo like this! Here are some other highlights from last month: We held training workshops for government animal-care workers on a variety of animal welfare issues. (That's a grooming lesson shown above.) We arranged for the retirement of three elderly bullocks who will stay with their families in the village but never have to work again. We persuaded 11 owners to build sheds to protect their bullocks from the heavy monsoon rains. We convinced 113 bullock owners to replace painful nose ropes with halters. We held several village meetings in which we presented awards to owners who pledged not to rasp or use oil-based paint on their bullocks' horns. (An award recipient is shown below.) And just look at the second photo above! Do you see how the bullock is touching his nose with his tongue? That's because an Animal Rahat staffer had just convinced his owner to remove the painful nose rope that had been cruelly used to tug at his nostrils his entire life. He can't believe it's gone. What an enormous relief that must be! Finally, I'll leave you with an update on Sunder�??the young "temple elephant" Animal Rahat and PETA India got freed from a life of chains and beatings after a two-year legal battle. He's now living in a wonderful elephant wildlife park, where he has made friends with other elephants for the first time in his life. Here he is with his new friend Lakshmi: Sunder absolutely loves the water. Please click here to watch a delightful video of him swimming and rolling around in the sanctuary pond�??it will probably elicit the same kind of smile you get when you see a dog ecstatically making "doggie angels" in the snow! In the second photo, Sunder and Lakshmi are enjoying a blissful moment with a good massage and scrub given by their caretakers. Soon, we hope to be able to fence off the entire park for this wonderful group of elephants. On behalf of the thousands of animals saved by Animal Rahat each year�??bullocks, elephants, dogs, donkeys, snakes, birds, hyenas, monkeys, civets, pangolins (you name them, we've saved them)�??thank you so much for keeping their welfare in your thoughts and in your heart. Kind regards, Ingrid E. Newkirk Founder P.S. Please make a gift to Animal Rahat today so that we will be able to retire more animals from a life of grueling labor, broaden our community outreach, and save animals from life-threatening circumstances. Thank you!