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What if this was your dog?

Posted by Lee Rankin on June 17, 2014 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)
Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, The photos of emaciated, scared dogs in wire cages, waiting to be slaughtered, were hard to bear. The images were sent to me by our team members on the ground in Yulin, China, where we�??ve joined forces with local activists to fight the region�??s summer dog meat �??celebration.�?� One picture I found terribly disturbing was one of a huge pile of shaved dog fur �?? part of the process of making the dogs more presentable for eating �?? with a little red dog collar lying in the heap. The collar of a beloved pet �?? stolen, abused, and now dead. No animal deserves to go through this kind of cruelty. Donate today to help HSI keep up the fight against the dog meat trade. Right now in China, thousands of dogs are being cruelly bound and trucked over long distances for the dog meat celebration. Dogs and puppies�??many of them stolen pets�?? are captured, transported, confined and slaughtered under horrific conditions. With your support, the HSI team and local activists are doing everything to stop the cruelty, and we�??re making progress. Please help us keep up the momentum and make an urgent gift today. The outpouring from people like you resulted in more than 108,000 signatures calling on Chinese officials to end this "festival," showing organizers and participants the world is outraged. Chinese media are reporting widely on the cruelty, and local activists with our support have protested in front of the Yulin city hall. Officials, trying to hide the evidence, told dog meat restaurant owners to remove the term "dog" from all menus. We�??ve shown what we can accomplish together in just a few days �?? now let�??s shut down this spectacle for good! Please make a special donation today �?? every gift counts. Together, we can make a better life for these dogs. Thank you. Sincerely, Andrew Rowan President and CEO Humane Society International

Elephants face bloody beatings at the circus

Posted by Lee Rankin on June 17, 2014 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)
Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, The skin around an elephant's eyes and mouth is sensitive and paper-thin. So that's where circus workers often aim their blows�??sometimes drawing blood�??when they beat these gentle animals with sharp bullhooks in order to force them to perform. Beatings are just the beginning. Elephants are shackled and crammed into tiny, filthy boxcars or trailers for many hours or even days on end and dragged from coast to coast through extreme weather conditions. Babies are torn away from their mothers while still nursing and are tied up with ropes. Then trainers use whips and electric prods to break their spirit. Right now, dozens of elephants are facing this kind of daily abuse as circuses crisscross the United States. Can you imagine being confined to a poorly ventilated boxcar or trailer in scorching summer heat? These animals need our help, and they need it now. Help protect elephants in the circus and speak up for all animals who are facing cruelty or neglect. Make your tax-deductible gift to PETA today�??even $5 will help! When you stand with PETA today, you'll be helping to achieve victories that truly make life better for elephants abused by circuses. In recent months, kind people like you helped achieve the following: We convinced the Los Angeles City Council to pass a ban on bullhooks in the city. When council members saw PETA's whistleblower photos showing that baby elephants were tied down and jabbed with bullhooks by circus trainers, their vote was unanimous: These violent weapons don't belong in their city. Now we're working in other jurisdictions to enact similar bans to spare elephants pain. We persuaded a growing number of venues to nix elephant rides. After hearing from PETA about the abuse endured by elephants used in entertainment, more and more venues in California, Florida, Texas, and other states are choosing to skip elephant rides altogether. It's great news for animals such as the suffering elephant Nosey, whose exhibitor, Hugo Liebel, has been cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture again and again for mistreating her. Officials will phase out the use of elephants in India's circuses. Our affiliate PETA India's nine-month investigation revealed that elephants were being violently abused in circuses in India and led the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) to stop all registration of elephants for performances. The AWBI is also preparing to rescue elderly and injured elephants from some of the worst abusers so that they can live out their days in peace. Each of these victories is a terrific step forward for elephants who are being confined, beaten, and exploited by heartless circuses. But our achievements were possible only because people like you demanded change and threw in your support to make it happen. These intelligent, social animals need you, Lee, to help protect them from those who see them as nothing more than a moneymaker�??a means to an end. Make your tax-deductible gift of just $5 or more to PETA now and help elephants and other animals who are suffering. Your support will save lives. Thank you so much for your compassion. I'm so grateful to have people like you standing with us to end cruelty to animals. Kind regards, Ingrid E. Newkirk President

USA: Final Votes on Horse Slaughter Coming Up Fast!

Posted by act 4 animals on June 16, 2014 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)
Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, There�??s never been a more important time to keep the momentum for horses�??and they need you more than ever! This week the full Senate will consider the Agriculture Appropriations bill; the U.S. House will vote on its version of the bill soon! Language to continue the current prohibition on funding horse slaughter inspections was approved in House and Senate appropriations committees. Now Congress must reject any attempts to strip the language when the bills come up for votes in the full House and Senate! The FY2014 appropriations law bans the use of tax dollars for inspections of horse slaughterhouses, which has prevented horse slaughter plants from opening in several states. However, the current ban applies only to FY2014 and must be renewed in order to remain in effect through FY2015. Opponents who want to bring this grisly industry back to the U. S. are betting that Congress will let the ban expire. It is now more urgent than ever that Congress continue the ban and prevent this polluting, disgusting, unspeakably cruel industry from establishing roots on U.S. soil. We need to make our voices heard loud and clear! What You Can Do The horses need you to make a quick phone call and send a quick email to your federal legislators in D.C. urging them to 1) support the ban on funding horse slaughter inspections, and 2) oppose any efforts to strip or weaken the language in the FY2015 Agriculture Appropriations bill. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center right now, where we make it easy for you to contact your members of Congress. On behalf of America�??s horses, thank you!

Animals in Miami are looking for heroes like us!

Posted by act 4 animals on June 14, 2014 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)
Animals for the Care of Treatment �?? Still thinking about our note from last week? Maybe you�??re still thinking about the little guy in this photo, at least: We�??re looking for just 5 more Adoptioneers in Miami, and we think you�??ve got what it takes! You might be asking yourself: Can I do this? But you should know something before you answer: We think you can. We picked you for this because we believe you can. You, Lee. Making this kind of thing happen, it�??s an extraordinary �?? many would say heroic �?? act of compassion. Truth is, we wouldn�??t ask you to do this extraordinary thing if it wasn�??t so important. So what are you waiting for? Be the person who saves a life. We�??re here to help you do it. And if you need just one more good reason, get this: The average time an Adoptioneer spends finding a home for a pet is between a few days and a few weeks and in that time you�??ll change a pet�??s life forever. Plus, think of the great story you�??ll be able to tell for the rest of your life! And if every person reading this email became an Adoptioneer just once, imagine how many more of Miami's animals would have homes! Pretty amazing, right? But it�??s got to start with somebody: you. -The Adoptioneers team

Slow down and celebrate

Posted by act 4 animals on June 14, 2014 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)
Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, Monday is World Sea Turtle Day, a day when we celebrate some of the ocean???s most beautiful and ancient creatures. Here at HSI, we???re working to protect these animals from the many threats they face, including habitat loss, commercial fishing operations that take sea turtles as by-catch, and poachers who sell shells as souvenirs and eggs for human consumption. Help us protect these animals on World Sea Turtle Day. Pledge not to buy products made from sea turtles or other any wild animals. Many tourists will be exposed to the international wildlife trade all over the world, often without even realizing it. In the Cayman Islands, visitors are allowed to hold sea turtles kept in overcrowded and unsanitary concrete tanks. As the animals continue to reproduce, the older ones are slaughtered for their meat and shells that are sold in tourist or craft shops. And sea turtles aren???t the only victims. Wildlife products are everywhere, and they all take their toll. From elephant ivory to shark teeth, from marine shows to roadside zoos, annually, millions of animals are shot, poisoned, trapped or stolen to become pets, entertainment or souvenirs. But you can help. Sign our Don???t Buy Wild pledge today, and help us protect sea turtles and wild animals from the cruel trade in wildlife products. Humans are the biggest reason for the endangerment of these wild and beautiful animals, and we???re the ones who must save them. Please be the reason for their protection, not their extinction. Take the pledge today: Don???t Buy Wild. Thank you for all that you do for animals. Sincerely, Andrew Rowan President and CEO Humane Society International

They want to kill 175 per minute

Posted by act 4 animals on June 10, 2014 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)
Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, The government is considering new rules that would allow the poultry industry to kill even more birds on each slaughter line every minute. When workers slam these birds into shackles, the chickens' leg bones often shatter. If workers are forced to shackle even more birds per minute, they will handle the animals even more roughly, leading to more animal suffering. Please call Rep. Joe Garcia (202) 225-2778 right now and politely say "As a constituent, I'm calling to express my concern that the USDA's proposed poultry slaughter rules would result in higher rates of food contamination, animal suffering and worker injury. Please support Congresswoman DeLauro's Agriculture Appropriations bill amendment prohibiting the USDA from spending any funds to implement the 'Modernization of Poultry Slaughter Inspection' rule." After you call, please remember to send a follow-up message. Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO

Double your impact for these rescued dogs

Posted by act 4 animals on June 10, 2014 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)
210 lives saved from a puppy mill. Make a donation in this special matching gift challenge to help us reach our goal of $50,000» Trouble with links or images? View this message online. Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, We found Maggie, a sweet but haggard Pomeranian, huddled in a cage with other dogs. The poor little pup was in bad shape with a terrible skin condition, and we could tell that she was suffering. She was just one of the 210 dogs the HSI Canada Animal Rescue Team found in wretched conditions at a puppy mill in Quebec early last Friday morning. Their cages were unsanitary, and the strong odor was almost unbearable. I�??m so relieved to let you know that Maggie and all of the other dogs are now safe and in loving arms at our emergency shelter. But thousands more are still being used and abused at puppy mills and puppy farms around the world. Please help us stop the cruelty. Donate today and your gift will be matched! The scene we encountered was heartbreaking �?? and so many dogs were suffering. This was one of the largest puppy mills I�??ve ever seen. The HSI team is working hard to stop the cruelty, and we need you to make it happen. With the generous support of the Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation, every donation we receive will be matched, up to $50,000, to help rescue animals like Maggie and others from severe neglect. Don�??t miss this opportunity for your donation to have twice the impact! Please make a special gift today, of any amount, and it will automatically be doubled to help dogs and other abused and neglected animals. So many more dogs like Maggie are out there �?? hurting just as much as she was, and deserving a second chance just as much as she did. HSI is working around the clock to make it happen. We can�??t do this life-saving work without you. Please donate today �?? and your gift will be matched �?? to support our efforts to save Maggie and so many more animals from this kind of cruelty. Thank you for all you do to make a better world for animals. Sincerely, Andrew Rowan President and CEO Humane Society International

Help animals this Father's Day

Posted by act 4 animals on June 8, 2014 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)
Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, Father's Day is approaching fast and you've only got a few more days to come up with the perfect gift. What about giving a gift that gives back? This year, show the men in your life just how much they have inspired and influenced you to help others. It's easy, it's meaningful, and he'll feel the warmth of being the inspiration for a good deed: Give a Humane Gift that will help protect animals around the world. There's a choice to fit any budget, and selections for helping all kinds of animals. Each gift comes with an adorable e-card to let the recipient know you've made a special donation in his honor to protect animals. Here are a few of the thoughtful gifts you can choose from: Save someone's best friend: Help vaccinate street dogs against rabies. Stop the suffering of lab animals: Bunnies don�??t belong in labs. Help end animal testing. Fight illegal wildlife trade: Help protect wildlife around the world from exploitation. The perfect gift is just a few clicks away �?? add your gifts to your cart, click "checkout," then select an e-card to schedule or send right away. Or, print it out to deliver a hard copy, if you prefer! We truly appreciate all that you do for animals. Happy Father's Day from all of us at HSI! Andrew Rowan President and CEO Humane Society International

This could really happen

Posted by act 4 animals on June 5, 2014 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)
Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, With your support, our Be Cruelty-Free campaign was instrumental in making Europe the world�??s largest cruelty-free cosmetics zone and in achieving an India-wide ban on animal testing of cosmetics. Now, we have the opportunity to prevent this cruelty in New Zealand, too! Take action today: A New Zealand ban on cosmetics animal testing is within our grasp. New Zealand�??s Parliament will soon vote on an amendment to the country's Animal Welfare Act, which would ban cosmetics testing on animals. But we need your help to make sure it happens�??for the sake of the rabbits, guinea pigs and other gentle creatures who could fall victim to this horrible cruelty. Join us in urging party leaders to make NZ the next country to Be Cruelty-Free! A New Zealand ban would follow the lead of the European Union, Israel and India in banning the animal testing of cosmetics such as shampoo and lipstick, and it would set a positive example for other countries. One nation at a time, we�??ll make the whole world cruelty-free. Thank you for all that you do for animals. Sincerely, Andrew Rowan President and CEO Humane Society International

Montana: End Recreational Trapping on Public Lands Now

Posted by Lee Rankin on June 3, 2014 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)
Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, Steel-jaw and conibear (aka "body-gripping") traps cause horrific animal suffering. Conibear traps fatally crush or suffocate their frightened victims to death, while steel-jaw traps clamp down painfully on animals' limbs. In their frantic struggles to escape the traps, ensnared animals will commonly injure themselves terribly, even chewing or twisting off their legs in order to break free. These traps also pose a definite risk to dogs, cats, and "nontarget" wildlife, including protected species. More information regarding these vile devices can be viewed here. Trap Free Montana Public Lands (TFMPL), a local group dedicated to protecting public lands for animals and humans, is working to get I-169�??a citizen-driven initiative that, if passed, would ban trapping for recreational purposes on public lands�??added to the ballot. Your help is needed to spread the word, and volunteers are needed to gather signatures. Help end recreational trapping in Montana For more tips on how to help animals and order free stuff, please visit PETA's Action Center or e-mail me with your mailing address for free leaflets and stickers. For all animals, Adam Miller Action Team Assistant Manager People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals