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Elephants face bloody beatings at the circus

Posted by Lee Rankin on June 17, 2014 at 2:15 PM
Dear Animals for the Care of Treatment, The skin around an elephant's eyes and mouth is sensitive and paper-thin. So that's where circus workers often aim their blows�??sometimes drawing blood�??when they beat these gentle animals with sharp bullhooks in order to force them to perform. Beatings are just the beginning. Elephants are shackled and crammed into tiny, filthy boxcars or trailers for many hours or even days on end and dragged from coast to coast through extreme weather conditions. Babies are torn away from their mothers while still nursing and are tied up with ropes. Then trainers use whips and electric prods to break their spirit. Right now, dozens of elephants are facing this kind of daily abuse as circuses crisscross the United States. Can you imagine being confined to a poorly ventilated boxcar or trailer in scorching summer heat? These animals need our help, and they need it now. Help protect elephants in the circus and speak up for all animals who are facing cruelty or neglect. Make your tax-deductible gift to PETA today�??even $5 will help! When you stand with PETA today, you'll be helping to achieve victories that truly make life better for elephants abused by circuses. In recent months, kind people like you helped achieve the following: We convinced the Los Angeles City Council to pass a ban on bullhooks in the city. When council members saw PETA's whistleblower photos showing that baby elephants were tied down and jabbed with bullhooks by circus trainers, their vote was unanimous: These violent weapons don't belong in their city. Now we're working in other jurisdictions to enact similar bans to spare elephants pain. We persuaded a growing number of venues to nix elephant rides. After hearing from PETA about the abuse endured by elephants used in entertainment, more and more venues in California, Florida, Texas, and other states are choosing to skip elephant rides altogether. It's great news for animals such as the suffering elephant Nosey, whose exhibitor, Hugo Liebel, has been cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture again and again for mistreating her. Officials will phase out the use of elephants in India's circuses. Our affiliate PETA India's nine-month investigation revealed that elephants were being violently abused in circuses in India and led the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) to stop all registration of elephants for performances. The AWBI is also preparing to rescue elderly and injured elephants from some of the worst abusers so that they can live out their days in peace. Each of these victories is a terrific step forward for elephants who are being confined, beaten, and exploited by heartless circuses. But our achievements were possible only because people like you demanded change and threw in your support to make it happen. These intelligent, social animals need you, Lee, to help protect them from those who see them as nothing more than a moneymaker�??a means to an end. Make your tax-deductible gift of just $5 or more to PETA now and help elephants and other animals who are suffering. Your support will save lives. Thank you so much for your compassion. I'm so grateful to have people like you standing with us to end cruelty to animals. Kind regards, Ingrid E. Newkirk President

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